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Virtual Health

Platform for your business
Medlify unifies leading consumer health technologies in one platform. We offer a seamless experience to Telehealth, Pharmacy Fulfillment, Diagnostics, EHRs, and other Clinical Data with our selected vendors.

Virtual Health Modules

medlify's core pillars in direct to consumer
Virtual Pharmacy
OTC and Rx Fulfillment with integrated pharmacies in the US, UK and EU.
Telehealth Services
High-Quality Virtual Care from Anywhere - Connecting Patients and Providers with Medlify Telehealth Partners.
Electronic Health Profiles
Secure and Interoperable Electronic Health Records - Maximizing Privacy and Provider Efficiency with FHIR standardized EHRs and EMRs.
Fast and Accurate Results for better Patient Care - we support Virtual and Commercial Labs, and most Wearable Devices.

Collaborating for Patient-Centered Healthcare Solutions

One Vision - One Mission - One Team
Empowering patients

A Human-Centric Future

Our partnership with leaders in pharma, payer, retail is centered on crafting a future that prioritizes the consumer. We integrate our collective knowledge, innovative ideas, and cutting-edge advancements, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders. This synergy is the key for building successful consumer health platforms, where each decision and action is taken with the user's motivations and interests in mind, advancing the strategic objectives of your organization.

Delivering scalable solutions

Scalability is in our DNA

At Medlify, we take pride in developing technology that has a transformative impact on the lives of millions. Our mission is to support major healthcare players to shape the best consumer health experiences and enhance patient outcomes in the US and globally.

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Rethink Consumer Health

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Discovery Stage

Discover Potential

We can bring specialists in User Experience, Tech, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Market Entry Strategy. We start with an in-depth exploration to uncover the full potential of your initiative, dedicating an average of only 2-4 weeks for this purpose. Through that, we develop a comprehensive delivery plan that is carefully tailored to meet your specific requirements and objectives. By leveraging the diverse expertise of our team, we ensure that no stone is left unturned in maximizing the success and impact of your project.

Strategy Stage

Set the Strategy

The strategy serves as the foundation for implementation. We will present to you the results of the Discovery phase and align and adjust based on your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration process. By incorporating your valuable input, we aim to create a tailored solution that maximizes success in the implementation phase.

Implementation Stage

Implementing Success

Together, we establish the project's milestones and deliverables collaboratively. We firmly believe that fostering complete transparency, cultivating humble mindsets, and nurturing an inclusive culture contribute to expediting the development of a superior product. By embracing these principles, you will enjoy a clear view of the project's progress and advancements.

Launch Stage

Launch and Growth

After successful market launch, we commence the crucial task of collecting, analysing and implementing consumer feedback. We actively maintain, support and enhance your platform during this phase, ensuring stability and fostering growth. Simultaneously, we strategize on the next wave of features and objectives, that will further enrich the value of your initiatives, propelling it towards continuous growth and success beyond the initial launch.

Medlify’s Core Values

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